Friday, January 15, 2010

Score: Computer-1, Me-0

I sketched this the other day and it definitely captured the frustrations I was having with my computer very clearly so I thought I'd post it. I certainly didn't post it to reflect my artistic ability but for the way it conveyed the situation. I figured some of you could relate. Contrary to what this drawing would lead you to believe, things are going great with my new web technology classes. It's just more fun to draw circumstances in which things are less than ideal.

It really comes down to trust issues.....(right Dr. Phil?) Is my computer going to let me down? Don't I deserve better than that? You see, it promises time and again to be there for me but when I really need it, it never fails to disappoint. All in all, I have reconciled my differences with my computer for the time being. But, at the time this was a pretty accurate depiction of my point of view. On second thought, perhaps my computer isn't as responsible as one might think. Maybe I should have named the cartoon "Windows Vista Strikes Again".

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